Rental Agent

AVIS Jordan- looking for Rental Agent:
Job position: Rental Agent.
Location: Swefieh ,Amman
Working Days: (6) Days Per Week
Experience Arabic: Native Speaker.
English: Excellent.
Number of Vacancies: 2 employees

Please apply if you possess:
– excellent customer care and communication skills
– sales skills
– organizational and time management skills
– administrative and IT skills
– basic math’s and cash handling skills

Job summary:
– dealing with customer enquiries about the availability and cost of vehicles
– taking bookings and explaining the terms of rental or leasing agreements
– completing paperwork with the customer and taking payments
– showing customers to their vehicle and pointing out any bumps, scrapes or special features
– checking mileage and inspecting for damage when vehicles are returned
– providing ongoing service and sales support, if you deal with regular business leasing accounts

Interested candidates with the above requirements please send your CV to ([email protected])

 All Documents are to be submitted in English.
 Please enter the job title (Rental Agent) shown at the subject of the email.
 Application Deadline is (27th of July 2017).


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