M&E Manager

M&E Manager

M&E Manager – Security Sector Reform

Closing date: 30 Apr 2019

ARK Group DMCC is a stabilisation, development and conflict transformation consultancy that provides research-informed analysis and policy recommendations, as well as evidence-based interventions, in conflict-affected areas on behalf of public and private sector clients. Working with and through local communities, we seek to understand and then mitigate the negative effects of conflict and instability to enhance community safety and promote human security, development and economic opportunity.

ARK is looking for an experienced M&E manager to support the implementation of a 4-month Security Sector Reform (SSR) project in Jordan, that builds on past years of programming. The project has strong learning, design and gender mainstreaming components and as such, ARK is seeking an M&E practitioner with strong experience in these areas.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Design and implement the M&E system on the project
  • Work with project delivery team to ensure understanding and use of M&E systems and processes on the project
  • Carry out high-level data collection activities with senior stakeholders, and manage the data collection of other activities
  • Client-facing briefings and meetings as required
  • Travel to training sites to observe
  • Leading on cleaning, analysis and reporting for all M&E deliverables
  • Engaging in relevant company trainings as required
  • Ensuring learning is applied on the project and across the company
  • All other M&E activities as reasonably requested by senior Insight staff



  • 5-10 years of M&E experience, preferably with a strong focus on security sector reform projects
  • Fluent written and spoken English
  • Demonstrated experience delivering M&E on projects with large training components
  • Demonstrated experience of designing and delivering innovative projects based on lessons learned
  • Strong experience mainstreaming gender concerns into project design and delivery, particularly in SSR projects
  • Experience working for a range of clients, including governmental, non-profit and commercial
  • Education: Graduate degree in a relevant field such as international development, political studies, public administration and communications and media studies, social sciences


  • Working knowledge of Arabic strongly preferred
  • Understanding of the Jordanian socio-political context
  • Knowledge of additional software programmes beneficial to M&E activities e.g. mapping and design software, SPSS etc
  • Previous experiences working in the Middle East

Please apply via our careers page – https://ark-group-dmcc.workable.com/jobs/979597

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