New Opportunity Muscat Sultanate of Oman ([email protected])
Required skills;
1. Fluent in handling IT technical issues such as ActiveDirectory, hardware, applications SharePoint, network etc..
2. English/Arabic speaking skills
1. Monitor and support technical Data center with NW team
2. Install, support and maintain hardware and software infrastructure according to best practices, including routers, aggregators, switches, wifi controllers, and firewalls.
3. Perform network security design and integration.
4. Respond to all incidents and elevate to First and second level if required
5. Take ownership of user problems and be proactive when dealing with user issues
6. Follow up on all help desk issues
7. Advise user on appropriate action
8. Follow standard help desk procedures
9. Provide first line and second line technical support. The second line support embraces attending and resolving users’ related issues such as network,
PC/laptop OS, printing, email, share-point.
10. Perform network security design and integration.
11. Diagnose problems and solve issues, often under time constraints.
12. Provide network and host based security, incident response, firewall and VPN management and administration.


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