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وظائف شاغرة مميزة ومتعددة لدى شركة فاين

Marketing Coordinator

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Own the events of marketing program calendars
  • Own the execution of the local activations and activities
  • Have the ability to generate growth initiatives and own them
  • Execute social media strategies
  • Contributes to the development and execution of the B2B partner engagement plan to achieve business goals
  • Coordinate the development of sales and marketing collaterals
  • Support in planning and execution of event planning, logistics, and post-event follow up and analysis
  • Prepare reports and metrics for measuring program and event success and identifying opportunities
  • Work and negotiate with external vendors/ suppliers

Skills and Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, communications, or a related field
  • 1- 2 years experience in Marketing within FMCG sector
  • Must have strong organizational and project management skills, as well as attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as outstanding copywriting and proofreading skills
  • Firm grasp on various marketing platforms, channels, and best practices, including social, digital, and email marketing
  • Must be a self-starter and able to independently move projects forward, priotitize tasks, and meet deadlines
  • Must have strong analytical skills to analyze metrics and create reports
  • Must have a high level of creativity

Process Engineer

Job Description


  • Technology area Process Reliability loss and Minor stops reduction on glide path.
  • Quality defects/scrap generated in technology area reduced to zero.
  • Material usage losses in technology area on glide path.
  • Verification phase of new initiatives/projects.
  • Organizational development, skill matrix completion area operators/ technicians

Activities to Drive Deliverables:

  • Improvement CIL (Clean, Inspect and Lubricant) & Centreline parameters.
  • Root Cause analysis in place for his/her area via Focused Improvement tools.
  • Progressive Maintenance and Process Control Strategy exists.
  • Know quality standards for her/his technology area.
  • 80~90% of the time spent on the floor (Supporting (coaching), observing and troubleshooting).
  • Become technical expert for his/her technology area.
  • Own Operational Skill Block for technology area and train & qualify operators.
  • Actively participate in DDS (daily direction setting) (helps to analyse data, formulate actions and set priorities for the day through Line Intervention Report).
  • Coach and qualify equipment owners.
  • Set Area work place standard and coach others to follow it.
  • Use change management process in his/her technology area.
  • Share and reapply learning with/from other Process Engineer in his/her technology area internally and externally (Area networking).

In case of initiative:

  • Provide input and participate to design reviews of her/his technology area.
  • Participate in start-up activities for her/his technology area.
  • Participate in corporate training and other training as per skill matrix.
  • Execute activities related to his/her function in safe and environmental friendly methods.
  • Support the identification process of function related OHS hazards and environmental aspects.
  • Ensure a proper level of awareness about OHS hazards and environmental aspects for his \ her Subordinates to ensure having risk free environment in his\ her function (Area).
  • Understand and execute his/her pre-identified role in case of emergency.
  • Understand the consequences of not committing to OHS and environmental management systems requirements.
  • Any other requirements from management.

Storekeeper – Aqaba

Job Description

Key Accountabilities:

  • Receives and actions instructions setting out activities to be undertaken in assisting the storekeeper in carrying out Warehouse duties.
  • Receives materials into the warehouse and, when necessary, co-ordinates with Quality Control and end-users for the carrying out of inspections in order to confirm compliance with requirements.
  • Supervise in unloading materials from delivery vehicles, ensuring they are zoned and segregated according to established instructions.
  • Receives stock orders and prepares batches for issue to end-users ensuring compliance with approved needs.
  • Brings to notice any finished product or raw material defects or damage in order that appropriate correction action can be taken.
  • Participates in annual and on-going physical inventory program in order to confirm the accuracy and completeness of data records and to assist in identifying and resolving anomalies.
  • Participates in regular and ad hoc stock taking activities in order to ensure the integrity of warehouse operations.
  • Completes daily work checklists in order to enable supervisor to monitor work progress and follow-up on results.
  • Develops an awareness of the need to deliver against agreed service standards, and its positive impact on cost-effectiveness, in order to meet customer expectations.
  • Operates materials handling equipment in order to facilitate the movement of warehouse materials, ensuring all standard operating procedures are observed and that equipment is properly maintained.
  • Ensures that the workplace is kept in a clean state and that all work is carried out in full compliance with approved occupational. Health and safety procedures.
  • Ensures the presence of HSE for stacking, handling, and loading of goods.
  • Ensure a proper level of awareness about OHS hazards and environmental aspects related to their function.
  • Understand and execute his/her pre identified role in case of emergency.

Job Requirements:

  • 3 – 5 years experience.
  • Diploma in Accounting or BA.
  • Team-work ability.
  • Work under pressure.

HE Officer

Job Description

Main Responsibilities : 

  • Maintaining Orgnizational Structure across Levant & Egypt
  • Handling all Job Descriptions Tasks updates and it’s consolidation
  • Manage Positions titles & tasks to be constant across sites
  • Handling Projects related to Machines structures in Egypt & Jordan and department Structures and to share recommendations related to optimizing Jobs and merging tasks
  • Handling the Succession Planning Process in alignment with LD Team
  • Other topics related to Human Energy tasks

Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Industrial engineering or any related field
  • 2-3 years of experience in a similar function
  • FMCG experience is requried
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Good Microsoft Visio skills
  • Team player
  • Good presentation and inter personal skills

فني تغليف

Job Description

 تشغيل المعدات:

  • ممارسة المسؤولية التشغيلية لوحدة الانتاج في ماكنة التغليف وفقا للإجراءات معايير التشغيل و اجراءات السلامة للتاكد من استمرارية و كفاءة العمليات و بشكل يتواقف مع اهداف خط الانتاج.

اداء النظام:

  • مراقبة اداء النظام، تحت اشراف مشرف المقص، و معالجة المعيرات و الضبط للتاكد من تزامن مراحل الوحدة، الكفاءة الانتاجية و تقليل وقت التوقف.

اكتشاف المشاكل و اصلاحها:

  • اكتشاف العيوب الروتينية التي تؤثر على الرولات المستلمة من الوحدة السابقة (المقص) و خلال عملية الانتاج من خلال اعادة معايرة الضبط للحفاظ على وقت التعطل في ادنى مستوياته و تقليل الخسائر  و تصعيد الاعطال الاكثر جدية الى مشرف المقص.

التقارير و الوثائق:

  • تشغيل برمجيات التغليف للتاكد من ادخال المعلومات و فقا للطلب الانتاج و طباعة التقرير مع انتهاء الوردية.

المواد الخام:

  • كتابة تقرير عن توافر افلام التغليف من المنصات بمقابل خطة الانتاج الى مشرف المقص لكي لا يوقف النقص الانتاج.


  • كتابة تقرير بالاعطال و تعهد نشاطات الصيانة البسيطة لرفع كفاءة التشغيل و اطاله عمر الماكنة و قيمتها.

السلامة و ادارة الممتلكات:

  • التاكد من المحافظة على مكان العمل بشكل نظيف و ان العمل قد نفذ و فقا لمعايير السلامة و الصحة المهنية.


المؤهلات و الخبرات المطلوبة:

  • الثانوية العامة (ناجح) او مدرسة صناعية.
  • خبرة لغاية سنة في المجال الصناعي.
  • معرفة جيدة بمبادئ و اجراءات التشغيل والسلامة العامة.
  • قدرة على العمل ضمن الفريق و اخذ دور القيادة.

مندوب مبيعات – جملة

Job Description

:المسؤوليات الوظيفية الرئيسية

  • الحرص على تحقيق اهداف المبيعات الشهرية الموضوعة من مشرف مبيعات المنطقة
  • تطبيق مخطط المبيعات المقترح من مشرف مبيعات لمساعدته على تحقيق اهداف المبيعات الشهرية
  • الالتزام بجدول زيارات العملاء اليومي الموضوع من قبل ادارة المبيعات وتقديم التقرير اليومي بهذا الخصوص
  • ابلاغ مشرف مبيعات عن المشاكل اليومية التي قد تواجهه مع العملاء لمساعدته في ايجاد الحلول الملائمة لها
  • القيام بتريب البضائع على رفوف الزبون
  • الحرص على توفير جميع منتجات الشركة في جميع نقاط البيع الموكلة له
  • العمل على ايجاد نقاط بيع جديدة في منطقته لتوسيع قاعدة عملاء الشركة
  • تسليم الشيكات المحصلة من العملاء الى الدائرة المالية بشكل يومي
  • الالتزام بسياسات الشركة الشركة الخاصة بالذمم واعمارها وسقوف العملاء
  • ابلاغ المراقب عن شيكات العملاء المرتجعة والعمل عل تحصيلها على الفور
  • متابعة انجاز طلبات عملائه مع قسم التوزيع بشكل يومي
  • تقديم تقارير دورية الى مراقب المنطقة عن نشاط المنافسين في السوق
  • التعامل بايجابية مع تعليمات المراقب والذي من شأنه تعزيز روح الفريق

:المؤهلات و الخبرات المطلوبة

  • سنوات خبرة في نفس مجال مبيعات الجملة 5
  • المعرفة التامة باستخدام الحاسوب

Pre-Sell Sales Rep

Job Description

Key Accountabilities

  • Assure the achievement of the monthly sales targets assigned by his sales supervisor
  • Implement the monthly sales plan set by his supervisor which shall assist him in achieving his targets.
  • Follow the daily routing setup by the sales dept. and prepare its required daily reports.
  • Report the daily issues raised clients to his supervisor in order to assist solving them.
  • Perform the proper merchandising activities at his customers’ shelves.
  • Assure the distribution of the company’s SKUs in all his covered outlets.
  • Finding out new outlets in his area in order to increase the number of our clients.
  • Submitting the collected cheques from clients to the Finance dept. on daily basis.
  • Adhere to the company policy in regard of the credit policy, its age, and the clients ceiling.
  • Report the clients’ returned cheque to his supervisor and assure its collection immediately.
  • Follow up his clients orders delivery with the distribution section on daily basis.
  • Adherence to the company’s internal and external policies.
  • Act positively towards his supervisor instructions which shall reflect and support the team spirit.

Job Requirements:

  • High School.
  • 5 Years of previous experience.
  • Fair English Language.
  • Computer skills.

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